How To Squat

Kristy demonstrating a proper way of how to squat

Ever wondered how to squat effectively? In this post, I’ll break down the squat, give some of my coaching tips, and answer some FAQs! Squats are a complex exercise. You need to be thinking about everything from feet to knees to hips to elbows…it all matters when squatting. Squatting is a movement that we do […]

Who is ModuVated?

Modu Seye the founder of ModuVated

Mo·du·Va·ted: Creating a better meaning of motivation to become all you can be. Striving to be better every single day. Inspiring others or being inspired by. HOW DID THE NAME “ModuVated” COME TO BE? Prior to Modu’s beginnings in fitness back in 2009, he worked as a model and on other big projects. One day […]

5 Fast Ways To Build Muscle

Johnny demonstrating ways to build muscle

If you’re a begginer or have been stuck during years in your physique, here are 5 Ways To Build Muscle Fast.

Gym Etiquette

Kristy completing her workout and demonstrating gym etiquette

Part of going to the gym is to learn not to be an asshole. Learn Gym Etiquette in this blog post and how you can implement it.

Compound VS Isolation Exercises

Compound Vs. Isolation Exercises

Learn about the differences between Compound and Isolation exercises, the benefits of each one and how they can help you get your dream physique.