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Fitness management

We extend your resort’s hospitality by having your gym managed by one of our fitness professionals, who will ensure the safety of guests while creating an exciting environment. Apply now to become one of our fitness management partners.

WE got you covered, from the first to the last rep

Thanks to 10+ years of experience in the Los Cabos fitness industry, we have developed a fail-proof fitness management system to cover the experience your resort or retreat needs!

Strength Classes

High Intensity Interval Training, Boot Camps, Muscle Targeted Training, and much more in our strength classes.

Wellness Classes

Pilates, Yoga, Flexibility Movements, Stretching,  Fitness Consultations and low intensity activities in our wellness classes.

Aqua Classes

Body Pool Workouts, Aqua Yoga, and Water Spins. If you’re looking for something different, the aqua classes are for you.

Our Fitness Management Clients

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We would love to work with everyone but limit our client list so we can take special care of those already working with us. Please apply for the waitlist so we can get back to you and take care of you next!

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