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Moduvated to be better

What started as one man making a difference turned into a lifetime project and team, creating a community that encourages and helps others discover what it is to live a healthy lifestyle.

Currently, ModuVated has more than 20 internationally certified trainers that are leading experts in their fields.

This allows you to use real-world practices that are tested and proven to overcome any obstacles you put in your way.

Focusing on everything from training in the gym to gym design to fitness management all the way to online training, we are your hub for all things regarding your overall wellbeing to becoming a better you.

We are a community-based company that believes in others and when the community works together and holds each other accountable there is nothing that cannot be done. 

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Moduvated Cabo San Lucas

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Moduvated San José del Cabo

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moduvated daily tracker handbook

Daily Tracker Tools

Get the tools our team uses to track daily exercises & activities , water intake, and more for  ultimate accountability.

moduvated nutritrion handbook

Nutrition Handbook

Get our guide that introduces you into the basics of macronutrients and, calculating your basal-metabolic rate.

moduvated cookbook

ModuVated Cookbook

Get our ModuVated Cookbook with 45 delivious, whole-food recipes anyone can make with sustainability in mind!

moduvated fasting handbook

Fasting Handbook

ModuVate yourself and learn the simple, highly effective strategies on how fasting could change the life you live today.


Learn more about fitness, nutrition, and health.

Kristy demonstrating a proper way of how to squat

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Modu Seye the founder of ModuVated

Who is ModuVated?

Mo·du·Va·ted: Creating a better meaning of motivation to become all you can be. Striving to be better every single day. Inspiring others or being inspired

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Redeemable in person at one of our Gyms
* must be a local Cabo resident (please bring proof of residence)
* for new customers only