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Learn more about our history, our values, and our founder!

About Our Mission

Providing A Healthy, Happy, And Confident Lifestyle For All

It’s not just about eating healthy food and exercising regularly, but also about having a positive outlook on life and feeling good about ourselves. 

all about moduvated
about modu
About The Man Behind The Brand

Modu Seye

The brand was founded by Modu Seye, a self-made entrepreneur born in Senegal, Africa. Modu first developed his fitness career in the USA. From Los Angeles, where ModuVated Fitness was first born, to Los Cabos where it grew into a community and evolved into the lifestyle brand that it is today.

Modu began his journey by giving personal training and bootcamp classes in Los Angeles. He then created the brand but it wasn’t until he was offered a contract to train clients that he moved to Los Cabos.

What started as a 6 month training contract turned into a lifetime project. Modu decided to stay, seeing the opportunity for ModuVated Fitness to grow as a community. He soon started teaching boot camp on the beach to local residents and it wasn’t until many years later that the community convinced him to open a gym. He used to say (still sometimes), “Who needs a gym to train when you have the beach?!”.


Fitness Trainers

Top-tier trainers that are going to help you bring the best out and guide you through your fitness journey.

Online Fitness Instructors

Fitness without barriers! All you need is an internet connection to access a new way of training. 

Wellness Instructors

Enjoy the large range of wellness activities with certified instructors that are going to help you relax and enjoy.


about vicente
Vicente Flores

Certified Personal Trainer

about pape

Gym Manager &
Personal Trainer

about jesus
Jesús Sarmiento

Certified Personal Trainer

about julio
Julio Guerrero

Certified Personal Trainer

about alessa
Alessa Mendoza

Certified Personal Trainer

Magda Cisneros

Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Manager

Wellness Instructors Team

Paulina kayachaian

Vinyasa, Hatha & Restorative
Yoga instructor

Michelle Slade

Vinyasa & Bikram
Yoga Instructor


Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

Karina Figueroa

Three-level Pilates Instructor

Our Online Training Team

about Kristy
Kristy Parsons

Fitness Specialist

about johnny
Johnny Leeson

Fitness and Nutrition Specialist

about jesus
Jesús Sarmiento

Certified Personal Trainer

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