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Who is ModuVated?

Modu Seye the founder of ModuVated

Mo·du·Va·ted: Creating a better meaning of motivation to become all you can be. Striving to be better every single day. Inspiring others or being inspired by.


Prior to Modu’s beginnings in fitness back in 2009, he worked as a model and on other big projects. One day a stylist wanted to have Modu be part of a documentary, and asked him to come to downtown LA. Modu wasn’t able to make it to LA, but they met up in Sherman Oaks with a camera crew.

While sitting outside the plaza, many people passed by yelling “MODU, MODU!”. One of the camera crew said “Everyone in this town knows you, this is Modu’s town!” They then played around with Modu’s name throwing out different names :“Modustown”, “Modusnest”, “Moducity”. Then one of the guys said “ModuVated”. That was the one, and therefore how the name came to be.


Modu is a master trainer, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. From his humble beginnings on the streets of Dakar, Senegal as one of 7 siblings raised by a widowed mother, Modu has built the most recognizable fitness brand in Baja California Sur.

In 2009, Modu received an offer to come to Cabo for 6 months and quickly fell in love with the community and country. He knew there was so much opportunity to serve in the wellness industry, and today Modu is now the wellness ambassador of the Los Cabos tourism board. Modu frequently says, he may be the face of the brand but ModuVated wouldn’t be where it is without our amazing team and the community’s support over the last 13 years.


Today ModuVated is the only agency in the world to have a one stop shop all around fitness and wellness.

Everything from:

  • gym design
  • providing equipment and classes to Cabo resorts
  • 2 gym locations
  • gym maintenance services
  • online programs
  • a clothing line
  • a supplement line

You name it, Moduvated does it! 

We have completed over 20 gym designs with 20 more lined up. We are dedicated to providing the best customer care and creating it all around our community. 

ModuVated launched the new online program this year, we’ll be hosting 2 retreats in 2023, and have many other projects coming up in the future, so stay tuned!


If you would like to know more about ModuVated make sure to check out our Facebook Group at

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