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Why Functional Training?

Functional training seems to have a lot of vague definitions, but I believe the best way to describe it is performing exercises and movements that mimic everyday activities. One of the most important things to me for my health and wellness is to feel capable and strong. I don’t need to look a certain way or lift a ton of weight, I want to be able to accomplish everyday tasks on my own. In my opinion, the main focuses of functional training are improving balance, stability, and coordination. Instead of using weight machines to isolate specific muscles, you are training your body’s movements.

I still believe in traditional strength training and it is important to have a balance of both. If you have a specific movement compensation or a weaker muscle due to an injury it is important to isolate and strengthen those areas. I have had to perform a variety of different types of exercise through competitive sports, rehabilitation, and personal preference. I think each area of fitness serves a valuable purpose however I have a current love for functional training because it allows me to work my whole body at once.

A lot of my hobbies include being active, especially outdoors. This requires me to be strong, flexible, and capable of making quick movements. Functional training plays a huge role in providing me the ability to do all of that. Multiple times a week I participate or teach bootcamp, body sculpt and TRX classes which all push my balance, stability and coordination in safe but effective ways. I truly notice a difference in my functional strength and everyday capabilities. Being part of the ModuVated team has really allowed me to greatly expand my knowledge about functional training because it is so important to us. I have excellent mentors to learn from and each person is so unique that it is an incredible environment to grow in.


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