Ken Jowdy

CEO & Founder - Diamante Cabo San Lucas

We have been working partners with ModuVated for almost 5 years and I am convinced that ModuVated is not only the best full-­‐service fitness company in Cabo, but one of the best in all of Mexico and the United States. What makes Modu Seye and his team so special is that they are experts in relatively every single aspect of the gym and fitness industry. We have utilized their guidance in all facets of gym ownership including gym design and construction, equipment selection and purchase, gym operation, gym programming, personal training, health and wellness, equipment maintenance, and much more. They really are a one-­‐stop shop. Most importantly, however, what makes Modu's team irreplaceable is their passion. Led by Modu's example, the ModuVated team puts pure passion into everything they do, and they don't stop working until both they and their clients have achieved their goals. I hope to continue our partnership with the Modulated team for many years to come and I could not recommend them more highly.

Jason McKee

OIM - Crossway Eagle

What can I say about the Gym onboard the Crossway Eagle! The quick, short answer would be ‘First Class’. There is no doubt that it is the best Gym any of us have seen on an offshore rig! When you are in the Gym it’s is very easy to forget that you are on a rig in the middle of the North Sea! The area is viewed more as a professional fitness suite than a Gym by its users and when saying goodbye to visitors / short term guests the gymnasium always gets a mention from them. The majority of Gyms on Offshore Rigs do not even come close to the setup on the Crossway Eagle, these are usually just a basic room with some weights / fitness machines in place. It’s very obvious when you go into the gym for the first time that a great deal of thought has went into it and that the equipment in place is of the highest quality. This sends out a strong message to the rig crews that health and wellbeing is taken very seriously, if you have quality equipment in place then people have more of a tendency to use it. The high quality of the equipment aside, it’s also the set up and layout of the Gym that has made it so popular. Having two clearly defined areas (weight training side / cardiovascular side) gives the gym a great advantage for the users, it’s nice to have the main room broken up, not only does it give the area definition but by having the partition wall it does give the users a certain amount of privacy (if required) when working out. The gym onboard the rig is a very popular welfare addition to the rig, when carrying out my daily rig walkabout’s I have never seen the gym empty. People that have never been strong gym users have started taking to the gym on a frequent basis, having such a fitness suite on the rig has given crew members the incentive to get down there and get a bit healthier. We all feel very fortunate to have such a fantastic facility onboard the Flagship

Jorge Moran

General Manager Hacienda Beach Club & Residences

It has been a pleasure to remodel our gym at Hacienda Beach club with ModuVated, a dependable firm that works with quality and professionalism. Now we have more than just a gym, ModuVated built a high standard fitness facility where our homeowners and guests are able to workout with top-level equipment. If the opportunity is given, we will look to hire ModuVated once more.

Allison Ewing

Resident/Gym Committee Hacienda Beach Club & Residences

On time, on budget, on point. Modu and his team were tasked with taking an existing gym in a private upscale residential resort and replacing/upgrading the existing equipment and space. They worked well with our gym committee, HOA Managers as well as architects and engineers. His vision for our dark space was to add large windows facing an existing green space and to include an outdoor workout area which added extra room for fitness classes, functional training and more. Selecting the appropriate fitness equipment suppliers is also key. The owners and guests have been raving about the new gym and I highly recommend using Modu and ModuVated for any project involving gym design, updating existing gyms, layout of equipment and equipment selection.