Roberto Bejarano Castro

NAME: Roberto Bejarano Castro
AGE: 19
BIRTHDAY: 02/04/1997
LANGUAGE: Spanish, English
CLASSES YOU TEACH: I can do everything but I prefer training with weights
EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION: I am studying Nutrition and I have a certification by AFAA for personal training,
WHY YOU CHOOSE TO BE A “TRAINER OR FITNESS INSTRUCTOR”? I chose to be a trainer because when I was younger, I didn’t have anybody to help me or give me advice on how to stay healthy! So now, I want to help every one learn how to have a life that focuses on eating healthy and doing exercise.
Born in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I was raised by a good family, who taught me to be a person who fights for his dreams.

HOBBIES: Studying, training at the gym, being with family, going out with friends


FAVORITE QUOTE: “You can't climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.”

GOALS:Continue inspiring and helping people change their lifestyle.