The Moduvated online Experience

Are you looking for something different? Join The ModuVated Online Experience. We use fitness, nutrition, and wellness practices to look after your overall well-being and shape your life into something you’re proud of.

it's not just fitness, it's a lifestyle too!

Making a change and wanting a change are two completely different things. We provide you with all the tools you need to build a foundation for a sustainable lifestyle, using fitness and nutrition combined with practices that look after your overall well-being. Build confidence, belief, and certainty in who you are. 

What is the Moduvated online experience?

If you can’t come to ModuVated, let ModuVated come to you! Our beliefs are simple – it’s not just fitness, it’s a lifestyle, and in order to make a change we have to be willing to want that change.

ModuVated has combined fitness, nutrition, and practices that look after your overall well-being to create an experience that you’ve never felt before.

We believe in community and we bring that community feel to the online space to give you an experience that shows our coaches and our staff truly care about you achieving your desired outcome. We provide a personal one-on-one touch from leading experts in their fields. What truly makes us different is that they hold you accountable every step of the way and show that they care about your experience.


Your Fitness Instructor

Kristy Parsons

Kristy is a certified personal trainer who specializes in women’s physical fitness.

Kristy found a passion for health and wellness when she was diagnosed with Crohns disease at 19 years old.

Her health quickly became a priority to her and she was able to get her Crohns in remission through proper nutrition and physical fitness. Originally from Canada, Kristy made the move to Mexico in 2020 to pursue her career in online personal training.

Since then she has helped hundreds of people transform their lives all while creating a massive community. All which has now brought her to join the ModuVated team and bring the online experience to the world.

Kristy knows we are all capable of so much, maybe forgetting our true potential somewhere along the way.

She wants to bring that out in every one, and to create that foundation of confidence and self belief through physical fitness.

Your Nutrition & Biohacking Specialist

Johnny Leeson

Johnny is a certified specialist in sports nutrition and a certified trainer that specializes in physical fitness.

Johnny found a passion for health and wellness at the young age of 12. A gifted athlete that wanted to use his athletic abilities to find a way to help others.

Johnny began playing around with different training modalities and biohacking techniques to allow the nervous system to heal repair and grow stronger, and learning everything that he could from human physiology from a mental, physical, and nutritional standpoint.

Originally from Canada, Johnny has specialized in the space for over 10+ years.

Helping thousands of individuals around the world with metabolic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, autoimmune conditions,  anxiety, depression, and sports performance.

Johnny knows we’re capable of so much more than we put out to the world.

Many of us feel a burning desire inside of us just wanting to come out and express ourselves to the world. By utilizing fitness, nutrition, and practices that look after your overall well-being, Johnny believes that greatness can be unlocked from inside of you expressing the confidence and belief in certainty that many are looking for to live their best life. Johnny’s favorite quote: “Don’t be upset from the results you didn’t get from the work you didn’t do.”

Your Fitness Instructor

Jesús Sarmiento

Jesus Sarmiento begun his career as Muy Thai athlete at the age of 6. His passion about exercise lead him to practice football during his youth.

Starting by lifting weights at age of 16 years old, developing a career about fitness, he is Certified by Nasm, ModuVated and TRX.

He has 7 years of experience training CEOs, GMs and Entrepreneurs. He specializes in Bodybuilding and Functional Training. In his free time he enjoys to Surf, Lift, Hike, Run and Study Philosophy.

He’s biggest value is congruency and Jesus most certainly practices what he preaches.

Your Biomechanics Specialist

Mojud Zorba

Mojud Z. holds a bachelor in Engineering degree, and a Master degree in Finances.

His early development as a baseball player took him into an inquiry about biomechanics, what years later took him to develop the engineering behind movement in sports to become a body engineer.

He is certified in Myofascial therapy, Animal Flow, TRX, Functional Patters. His passion for movement, love and long experience in meditation have taken him into creating a bridge between meditation and training, stillness and movement, the inner and the outer.

Mojud is a curious man always studying and learning new ways on how the body behaves. He loves to cook, travel, and his ideal moment is being in a space where he can laugh and share.


Standard - $350 USD/m

Silver - $500 usd/m

Gold - $750 usd/m

Platinum VIP - $1175 usd/m

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