Tennille Archer

The moduvated gym and team are the best! Not only do they have a great range of classes and the best equipment, they also have the best team I have ever trained with! One big happy, motivated gym family! 

Katie Mariscal

Finally a real gym in Cabo!! For me personally, consistency is probably the most important part of choosing which businesses & restaurants to support. Favorite things about Moduvated Fitness Club: Always clean & organized. Always a happy & helpful staff. Always incredible classes & the trainers keep it interesting Always motivating to workout here, whoops i mean MODUvating 

Kelly Underdahl

Absolutely love the Moduvated Fitness Club! Excellent classes daily with the most amazing instructors. Modu and his team have created the perfect environment to get your sweat on!

Jonathan Sánchez

Facilities are AMAZING !!!! + the STAFF is so PROFESSIONAL & FRIENDLY . Moduvated totally exceed my expectations, because I realize its not only a regular gym , they take it to a whole new level and make it a Life style. Congrats Moduvated Team !!!!

Vanessa Castillo

This is just the best place to train and get fit!! Not only amazing installations and equipment but the most important is the ambience, since the entrance you feel great and ready to give your best!! Love all the team 

Dane Posey

The premier fitness facility in Los Cabos. Friendly, knowledgeable staff and classes that challenge you to push yourself.

Silvana Carpinito

Inspirational gym. Gathers community committed to fitness and healthy lifestyle. Amazing trainers and classes.

Andre Kleynhans

A Team of Inspirational, hard working people, that become your friends for life!! #mexicanscapes

Lynne Maher

Moduvated has friendly and amazing staff who are always available to answer questions. Equipment is well maintained and there's enough variety to please everyone.

Andrew Clark

Great for everyone! Great equipment and staff. My wife, kids and myself all love the classes. Gracias a todos!

Billy Najam

Modu and his team are some of the most passionate people I have ever met. No Better place to work out in Cabo.

Rick Antillon

Beautiful facility centrally located with state of the art machines, cold A/C and a incredible staff!

Jessica Perez-Beebe

First visit today, on their opening day. Great new equipment-machines, free weights, and functional fitness tools like battle ropes and prowlers. Modern. Welcoming bilingual staff. Good energy! Great addition to the community.