Magda Ossorio Cisneros

NAME: Magda Ossorio Cisneros
AGE: 29
BIRTHDAY: December 29th, 1986
LANGUAGE: Spanish and English
CLASSES YOU TEACH: Boot Camp, Functional Training, Zumba Fitness, Full-Fight, Cardio-Kickboxing, BOSU Training, TRX Training, Abs & Glutes, Body Sculpt, Tabata and HIIT Training.
EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION: Certified Personal Trainer & Weight Training Instructor- Federacion Mexicana de Fisicoconstructivismo y Fitness AC, Certified TRX Training, Certified BOSU Training , Certified Zumba Fitness Instructor, Certified Full Fight Fitness Instructor, Kettlebells Training Capacitation, Graphic Designer – UNIVER, Cabo San Lucas B.C.S
WHY YOU CHOOSE TO BE A “TRAINER OR FITNESS INSTRUCTOR”? I chose this because there is nothing better than hearing these words from someone: “Thank you for changing my life; because of you I didn’t give up.”
Your Background: From 12 to 18 years old, I suffered a lot from bullying which destroyed my confidence and made it hard to build my own identity. Unfortunately, because of my weight I wasn’t accepted from other kids. Luckily my mom noticed something was wrong with me and took me to the psychologist. The specialist recommended me to do any type of physical activity in hopes it would build the confidence I needed to start accepting and loving myself. Next day my mom dropped me off at the gym (I remember I was so scared and ashamed). I was fortunate enough to get a trainer and after that I can simply say… Fitness changed my life! I am amazed of all the positive things that exercise gives your life. This is what got me curious about getting certifications. I was so excited and hungry to share my experience, and passion for fitness and I was so happy to try to help and teach my clients the right way to achieve their goals! I’m a witness of it all. What you see in me you have it, it is a matter of attitude, compromise, sacrifice and motivation. Now I’ve been in the industry of fitness for 10 years and I am always looking to improve and learn from training, clients, coworkers, books and experiences.

HOBBIES: Working out, dancing, reading and drawing

INSPIRATIONAL CHARACTER: Michelle Lewin (Fitness Model), Alberto Perez (Zumba creator), Julian Tanaka (Fitness Model) and Andreia Brazier (Fitness Model).

FAVORITE QUOTE: : “Show the world why you are here and do it with passion” and “To be inspired is great, to inspire other is incredible”.

GOALS: See our ModuVated brand all around the world! To keep motivating friends, clients, family members and strangers to accomplish their goals of a quality and healthy lifestyle with passion and faith.