Let’s go, do & be. By Karissa Denae

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September 17, 2018

Let’s go, do & be. By Karissa Denae

We had the chance to interview Karissa Denae, an entrepreneur, stroke survivor, self-made international motivational speaker from Africa to the world. She showed us the path she has followed to become where she is right now and what it took her to pursue her dreams and ACHIEVE HER GOALS.

Meet Karissa:

What motivates you to be better every single day? 

I’m constantly moduvated to do better because of those looking up to me. Also, when I think of my future, I’m instantly fueled and motivated to strive to do my best right where I am!

How did you come to do what you’re doing?

After bouncing back from a stroke at the age of 21 in 2007, I decided that I wouldn’t take the healing from God for granted. It fueled me to go, do, and be everything that I could possibly do. Traveling to all seven continents before the age of 30 is something I honestly hadn’t even dreamed of as a child, but my “bounce back” gave me new vision. I was enlightened to live my very best life and share the love of Jesus everywhere I go. Doors have flung open since I made that choice.

What is the biggest sacrifice you’ve done to be where you are right now?

I sold my hard top Volkswagen Eos convertible to see the world. Fiscally speaking, it was a smart move, but my pride was shattered when I returned from Antarctica and hopped back into my 98 Honda Civic in 2015. Whew! Talk about ego blaster! I’ve promised myself that I’ll get a convertible before the end of the year. Although they’ve discontinued the Eos, I found my same one for less than $10K!

Also, the true biggest sacrifice was simply an honor. My Mom passed on July 17, 2018. When I returned from Antarctica, I expected to thaw out for a bit and shoot off to another adventure. As an explorer, I love the taste of uncharted territory. But when my Mom got diagnosed with cancer, shortly after my return, I realized that my new adventure as a caregiver commenced immediately. During the two years of my Mom’s fight with lymphoma, I discovered that I was simply being spoiled with her presence. Every car ride, chemotherapy treatment, and bath was the greatest honor of my life. There’s nothing that could compare to the time I was gifted with by God to share with my mother. So much of who I am today is because of her. I struggle to say it was a sacrifice; it was the wildest honor of my life.

Tell me one experience that stands out in your mind from your career path?

I taught in Saudi Arabia at Princess Nora University and King Saud University. While teaching there I met remarkable women from all over the globe. To walk into a university with all women—the power of that is indescribable. The energy that you felt with countless movers and shakers—brilliant minds, business women, scientists, entrepreneurs, shook me to my core and challenged me to go further, do more, and be more. I am better because of the women I encountered at those universities.

Life motto:

Go. Do. Be.

Go into everywhere that you must go. Go and do everything that you must do. Go and be everything that you must be. That is my heartbeat:  Go. Do. Be.

What is the best piece of advice to give someone?

Live and love as you are called.

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