Jason Cesena Lozano

NAME: Jason Cesena Lozano
AGE: 28
BIRTHDAY: April 19, 1988
LANGUAGE: English, Spanish
CLASSES YOU TEACH: Kids Bootcamp/Sports Skills, ModuVated bootcamp
EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION: Fitness, weight control and health care (UD) University Sports CDMX – specialty in Youth development and Integration
WHY YOU CHOOSE TO BE A “TRAINER OR FITNESS INSTRUCTOR”? I discovered that exercise was my escape valve for depression when I was a child because my parents got separated. This made me love exercise more and it helped me achieve stability in my life. I want to give people this same experience.
My mom is from Texas and my dad is from San Jose Del Cabo. I was born in Cabo San Lucas and I have 2 sisters who are both teachers. My brother, Victor, is a firefighter like me.

HOBBIES: Camping, surfing, running, getting coffee


FAVORITE QUOTE: “Within you there is something stronger than any obstacle.”

GOALS: To get married and have children, To make it into an Ironman, To have my own academy for children with obesity problems.