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April 26, 2017
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April 26, 2017

Green Tea Medicine

For thousands of years, green tea, an herb native to Asia, has been known as the easterner’s fountain of youth. But why has green tea found its way into mainstream diets recently? Since ancient times, people from Asia have known of the deep healing powers of green tea to improve heart health, manage cholesterol, reduce cancer risk, keep the immune system strong and avert tooth decay, among many other things. The super brew which is packed with several disease-fighting vitamins (C and E) as well as antioxidants (polyphenols and catechins) has kept people looking and feeling young since beginning of time.

Over the past two decades, research has begun to unlock the science of green tea as well as offer proof to its effectiveness in boosting metabolism and allowing for more fat burn in the body. One 90-day study, conducted at Fudan University, in Shanghai, China, showed that, relative to the control group consuming no green tea, body weight, waist circumference, intra-abdominal fat and the total lean mass all decreased after 90 days in the group that drank the tea with the highest concentration of catechins (1). This study along with similar ones, have made waves in the fitness world causing people to turn to the green leaf to help speed up the body’s fat oxidation process and ability to burn fuel.

If you know Modu, you know that he is one of green tea’s biggest fans.  In fact, drinking tea is one of his favorite daily rituals; and not just one cup, he drinks it all day long. Modu says “I love green tea so much! When the time to drink it comes, I feel like I’m having the best thing in life! Totally addicted! I drink it in the morning, with raw honey to get my energy going for boot camp. My favorite is jasmine green tea”, and he’s especially a fan of the Teavana brand of loose tea. His preference is tea leaves which comes in their most natural form and not too crushed.  “I have some great clients and friends all over the world who hook me up with different types of green tea. I could say I have a collection”, says Modu. So if you’ve ever wondered what his secret was, now  you know; it’s in his brew.

But what if it’s just not ‘your cup of tea’? Not everyone shares Modu’s love for the ‘green’, but there are many other ways to include it in into your diet, besides drinking it straight up. For example, think about brewing a cup and throwing it into a fruit smoothie to mask the flavor. Use tea to prepare your morning’s oatmeal, in your baking, use it to make a vinaigrette dressing or you can even poor it over cooked rice (a popular dish in. Get creative and try pairing green tea with other foods such as mandarin oranges to offset the mouth-puckering flavor of green tea’s tannins. Do a simple recipe search for green tea beverages, desserts and entrees and you will be surprised.

Incorporating green tea into your daily routine is one of the many little things you can do to improve your health without having to sacrifice anything. Especially if you’re looking to boost metabolism and increase fat burn, drink a few cups daily to help you drop pounds, body fat mass and waist size, fast. Green tea medicine has done wonders for Modu, and he hopes that you will too take the step to unlock its many wonderful health benefits.

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