Modu Seye, a native of West Africa (Senegal) was named after his dad who passed away only a few hours before he was born. Modu is the youngest of seven children. His mother, a hard working, strong woman became his role model and his motivation.

Though a single parent, Modu's mother was able to send him and his six siblings to private school. His promise to her was to never cause her sorrow or make her worry, which is why he stayed out of bad habits. This kept Modu’s sight set on a journey to the US with the goal of climbing the corporate ladder on this way to achieving the traditional American dream, in hope of a better life for himself and a means to support his family.

“I was ready to exploit every opportunity I was given, but things didn’t work out the way I thought they were going to. I struggled during my first 8 months there. Two weeks after I arrived in the US I found myself with no place, so I moved to live with some distant relatives while working at a carwash making about $150/week. After only 3 months in Jersey City, I moved to Nebraska with the help of my best friend Abdul. I knew that only hard work and consistency would get me where I wanted to be….”

Driven to succeed, Modu worked day and night, 70 hours a week, yet he realized finding legitimate work as an African immigrant, who spoke little English, was going to be difficult without a proper education. Overcoming the adversity, Modu found a way onto the campus of the University of Nebraska, where he attended for 6 years earning his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems. With a well-paying job and tons friends, Modu made Omaha, Nebraska his new home. His life was set, but his destiny was calling. Numerous people suggested that he should take up modeling, but fearing he wasn't the industry archetype and not wanting to waste the sacrifices made for his education, Modu tried to dismiss the idea; Unable to escape the daily bombardment of modeling related conversations, Modu threw caution to the wind and decided to give modeling a try. In 2003, Exposure Inc in Kansas City, Missouri discovered him. In 2008, Modu moved to Los Angeles to continue his career as a model.

Exercise and fitness became a part Modu’s life at a young age…. “My father passed away on the day that I was born and it was the pursuit of fitness, sports, in particular, that filled the need of a father figure. Fitness never cared how much money was in my pocket, it didn’t care if I was happy or sad, and it was always there when I needed it. Without fail, my daily morning workout would leave me in the mental state I needed to take on the world. Through every challenge and struggle I face in this life, I kept my workouts a priority”.

As his love for fitness grew, his demand in the modeling business grew as well. With opportunities awaiting him in Los Angeles, Modu once again packed his bags and headed west. During his initial months in LA, Modu kept himself busy working a full-time job at an IT firm while also modeling in his spare time, but it wasn’t long after his arrival to LA that realized his true calling was fitness. “It was one of the toughest decisions I had ever made in my life because I was in the IT field for the money but my heart had always been in the fitness field. My biggest concern was how I was going to turn my back on everything I had worked for in the last 7 years to pursue a new career?"

Although aware of the uncertainties he was facing, Modu knew he had to follow his heart, which meant shifting his focus to fitness. With his decision made, he began pursuing his first certification in personal training. The fast-paced life of Los Angeles was fitting for Modu, as he was non-stop hustling, sleeping many nights less than 4 hours, to move up the ranks in the fitness and modeling world.

In 2009, after a few years in LA as a model and Fitness trainer, Modu broke out on his own and founded ModuVated, with a vision of showing the world his own perspective of fitness and healthy living. He built a brand whose primary aim was to deliver value to people not as a business.

ModuVated quickly spread through LA, then south as far as the coastline could stretch, to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; the ModuVated team is passionate about living a balanced and healthy lifestyle in pursuit of whole body wellness, providing the community with skills and practices towards reaching their own health and fitness goals. they cater to people of all ages regardless of where they are on their journey, inspiring and nurturing them teaching fitness as a way of life, spreading their passion through rigorous fitness programs and personal training.

These days the brand continues to grow, Moduvating people to embrace the fact, “It’s not about where you are from but whom you choose to become”.