New Moduvated Fitness Club in Cabo

By Elisa Allen, The Moduvated Team Nutritionist

The Moduvated team, led by owner and founder Modu Seye, has a been a part of the Cabo San Lucas community for 6 years. Throughout that time, they have been involved in myriad philanthropic events, healthy cafeteria programs for local private schools, and countless hours of bootcamp and personal training. Now, the team is looking forward to their very own gym opening this October in the Koral Center.

The Moduvated team philosophy emphasizes a holistic wellness lifestyle which requires a balance of fitness, nutrition, and activities that support mental health. The new Moduvated Fitness Club was designed with that in mind, and includes many amenities to support the wellness of our clients. Members can take advantage of brand new LifeFitness machines, a turf area for athletic functional training, and a variety of personal training options. There are also group classes offered every day, like the famous Moduvated Boot Camp, Cardio Kickboxing, and Pain-Free Living. Kids of all ages can improve their agility and endurance in the Kids Sports Skills class. Personal nutrition consultations can be customized to support your fitness goals while helping you change your eating habits in a sustainable way. Our in-house juice bar will feature made-to-order smoothies and juices developed to provide important vitamins and antioxidants while aiding in either pre-workout energy or post-workout recovery.

A Moduvated Fitness Club membership also comes with a Moduvated “Club” membership, which comes with many local discounts and benefits. Members can flash their card at locations all over Los Cabos to enjoy discounted meals, hotel stays, and activities.

Interested in joining the Moduvated Fitness Club and changing your life for the better? If you sign up for a year membership before November 4th, the initiation fee is waived AND you get a second year membership FREE!

For more information about the new gym and our membership options at the new ModuVated Fitness Club in the Koral Center, check out or email

Elisa Allen
Elisa Allen
The Moduvated Team Nutritionist