Eric Parizek

Eric Parizek

NAME: Eric Parizek
AGE: 44
CLASSES YOU TEACH: Personal Training, Movement and Functional Training, PIT Classes, Kettlebell Training, Trainer Development/Mentoring
EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION: BS Exercise Physiology, Chapman University, CA, Crossfit Certified
WHY YOU CHOOSE TO BE A “TRAINER OR FITNESS INSTRUCTOR”? Balancing science, fitness and inspiration into a journey that is both physical and spiritual. I live to change people’s lives and give the gift of knowledge and experience to elevate other trainers on their journey.
Co-founder of SPORT PERFORMANCE INSTITUTE in Laguna Beach, California for 20 years. I’ve been working with and building training programs for Olympic and national athletes, as well as young athletes and long term general fitness clients. I apply movement and exercise science at the highest levels. With the knowledge gained from working with thousands of bodies moving in different ways I can to help build your ideal body to meet your fitness and athletic goals I coach movement in a way you will feel and see results. Moving with a purpose, joints and muscles tracking in proper alignment, increasing range of motion, agility, and athletic skills, all the while ensuring the body is less prone to injuries and you reach your performance aspirations.

HOBBIES: Working out, researching sport specific needs of my clients, salsa dancing

INSPIRATIONAL CHARACTER: Dr. Sumida – Chapman University

FAVORITE QUOTE: “We don’t know what we don’t know…” I am always aspiring to learn more and teach what I do know. Information is a gift for evolution.

GOALS: Elevate training and trainers to a higher standard, Inspire trainers to practice our profession from a place where the ego is removed and training is a shared objective, a community of perspectives and experience we all can draw from, where learning and interaction is a common element that gains our clients enhanced performance, injury rehabilitation, and increases their longevity in the sports and lifestyle they enjoy.