I have lived in many beautiful places where I was lucky to experience the arrival of Fall in different settings. In the Southwest, it comes with a subtle change of air temperature and a softening of the light. In the Northeast, it arrives suddenly with colder nights and bright changing leaves. November in Cabo is still hot and sunny, but the cooler mornings and nights have me craving deeper flavors and richer textures in my meals. No matter where you live, you can take advantage of some of Fall’s unique seasonal ingredients as we adjust to the shorter days.

Some of my favorite options that start showing up this season are root vegetables like beets, potatoes, turnips, parsnips, and carrots. A batch of easy roasted vegetables pair wonderfully with salmon, baked chicken, or quinoa as a vegetarian protein option. Root vegetables are rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins A, E and C, whereas beets also contain unique color pigments called betalains which give them their dark purple color. These betalains provide your body with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

I also love to enjoy comforting soups and stews in the Fall, which can be healthy and filling. Soups are satisfying due to their heat and high water content, and can be an excellent source of lean protein, vegetables, and fiber. They are also an easy way to use leftovers or try  new vegetables. To stay as healthy as possible, choose ingredients that are low in sodium and fat. For a cold night, I recommend a hearty tortilla soup topped with cilantro, lowfat cheese, and avocado or a beef and vegetable stew for a one-pot dinner.

There are also some autumnal changes you can make to your breakfast routine. I like to mix up my oatmeal and yogurt toppings by swapping the almonds and berries of summer for warm cinnamon apples and walnuts. I also love to eat leftover roasted vegetables with eggs and spinach. This year, I am excited to try two new recipes: Protein Pumpkin Pancakes and Spiced  Pomegranate Quinoa to change up my morning flavors.

What are some of your favorite recipes that incorporate fall flavors? How do you modify the comforting and often unhealthy recipes of this season to make them healthier for you and your family? Talk to me in the comments below!

*For recipes, click the links in the paragraphs above.


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