Beauty Bevs: Drinks for Healthy Skin

August 12, 2017
Every year, billions of dollars are thrown towards expensive lotions and potions to treat skin issues such as dryness, acne, wrinkles and sun damage. What many consumers fail to recognize is that the most effective beauty cure-all on the market does not come in a pretty bottle or a jar, but comes from balancing proper hydration and good nutrition. Here’s some advice on how to quench your skin’s thirst from the inside out. Drink Water: Dehydration can and will affect the appearance, elasticity, texture and general health of your skin. Water is the building block for every cell in your... Read more >>

To Build Muscle & Other Important Body Tissues, You Need To Eat The Right Proteins

August 11, 2017
Most athletes focus on their protein intake as a means to build muscle, but protein is also vitally important for building a variety of body tissues, including hair, skin, nails, and crucial parts of the immune system. Without enough protein, you cannot synthesize and repair these important body tissues. When we eat protein, our bodies break it down into amino acids, which are then used to build our OWN proteins (e.g. muscle fibers, enzymes, antibodies). Of the 20 amino acids, we can build 11 of them inside our bodies. These are known as the nonessential amino acids. However, there are 9... Read more >>

Choosing the right shoes for your workout

August 10, 2017
Picking yourself up a pair of new shoes for exercise can really make a difference. They can make your workout more enjoyable, and more importantly, more effective. Make sure that you select shoes specific to the type of exercise you do, and ones that properly fit you. I recently read about a quick and easy way to determine if your foot type is high arch, normal arch, or flat arch. Simply wet your foot and step on a paper bag. See the guide below from to determine which type you are and use this to guide your search. Go... Read more >>

Lessons in Leadership

August 9, 2017
For those of you who have witnessed firsthand the symmetric formation (echelons) of migratory birds in flight, you know it is one nature’s many marvels. The echelon’s primary function is to ensure a more efficient flight however, if we take a more intuitive look, there are many elements at work besides just physics alone. These systematic formations are neither by coincidence nor accident but rather spectacular displays of selfless leadership and cooperative teamwork. TRUST The lead goose will tire as he pulls the weight of those behind him, and when he does, that leader must be willing to fall back... Read more >>

How to Maintain Your Healthy Lifestyle at the Holidays

December 13, 2016
As the air gets colder, and the holiday season approaches, we start to crave warmer and richer foods, and we often spend time baking and cooking for our family and friends. As an American living in Mexico, I have the pleasure of enjoying food traditions from both cultures. In the United States, my family bakes and decorates holiday cookies together and we all look forward to Grandma’s fudge and Mom’s eggnog. In Cabo, my sister and I look forward to Mexican hot chocolate with cinnamon, all kinds of tamales, and delicious pozole. That being said, it’s very easy to go... Read more >>

Why Functional Training?

November 27, 2016
Functional training seems to have a lot of vague definitions, but I believe the best way to describe it is performing exercises and movements that mimic everyday activities. One of the most important things to me for my health and wellness is to feel capable and strong. I don’t need to look a certain way or lift a ton of weight, I want to be able to accomplish everyday tasks on my own. In my opinion, the main focuses of functional training are improving balance, stability, and coordination. Instead of using weight machines to isolate specific muscles, you are training... Read more >>

The Healthy & Delicious Flavors of Fall

November 13, 2016
I have lived in many beautiful places where I was lucky to experience the arrival of Fall in different settings. In the Southwest, it comes with a subtle change of air temperature and a softening of the light. In the Northeast, it arrives suddenly with colder nights and bright changing leaves. November in Cabo is still hot and sunny, but the cooler mornings and nights have me craving deeper flavors and richer textures in my meals. No matter where you live, you can take advantage of some of Fall’s unique seasonal ingredients as we adjust to the shorter days. Some... Read more >>

Diet and Diabetes

October 28, 2016
By Nutritionist Stephanie Mirich Each day we hear more and more about the dangers of Diabetes. But what is it exactly? Most importantly, why should we be‘aware’? Diabetes is a chronic disease where high levels of insulin in the blood can affect the individual’s health drastically. In short, we use insulin (produced by the pancreas), to control blood sugar. Blood sugar, or glucose is what we use as a source of fuel for our body. In return, the pancreas makes insulin, whose job it is to remove glucose from the blood and get it into where it will be used... Read more >>

New Moduvated Fitness Club in Cabo

September 22, 2016
By Elisa Allen, The Moduvated Team Nutritionist The Moduvated team, led by owner and founder Modu Seye, has a been a part of the Cabo San Lucas community for 6 years. Throughout that time, they have been involved in myriad philanthropic events, healthy cafeteria programs for local private schools, and countless hours of bootcamp and personal training. Now, the team is looking forward to their very own gym opening this October in the Koral Center. The Moduvated team philosophy emphasizes a holistic wellness lifestyle which requires a balance of fitness, nutrition, and activities that support mental health. The new Moduvated... Read more >>

In the Pursuit of Excellence

June 5, 2015
“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” (Vince Lombardi) We know a scary thing has happened to our world when achieving nothing is often times more appealing than achieving something that is less than perfect. When the mere thought of an imperfect outcome, is enough to derail our productivity, kill our creativity and squash our dreams, it’s time for change. Trying to be perfect borders on that ‘all or nothing’ mentality that slams the door on the desire ‘to do’ in many situations. The desire to be perfect starts in grade school when we... Read more >>

The Healthy Skin Workout

June 5, 2015
Our skin is our body’s largest organ; unfortunately, it’s also the easiest to take for granted. Most people don’t realize this, but our skin measures about 2 square meters and weighs in at approximately 4.5-5 kilograms in the average adult. It is responsible for several important functions within the body including physical protection, Vitamin D synthesis, it serves as a major blood reservoir containing 8-10% of the total blood flow in a resting adult, it regulates body temperature and is responsible for the excretion of toxins and impurities. Actually, our skin’s health is one of the best gauges of what’s... Read more >>

Green Tea Medicine

June 5, 2015
For thousands of years, green tea, an herb native to Asia, has been known as the easterner’s fountain of youth. But why has green tea found its way into mainstream diets recently? Since ancient times, people from Asia have known of the deep healing powers of green tea to improve heart health, manage cholesterol, reduce cancer risk, keep the immune system strong and avert tooth decay, among many other things. The super brew which is packed with several disease-fighting vitamins (C and E) as well as antioxidants (polyphenols and catechins) has kept people looking and feeling young since beginning of... Read more >>

When is “a Calorie just a Calorie”?

June 5, 2015
Some people count them, some increase them, some reduce them, most of us love them, many even fear them, but we ALL need them. A Calorie, technically speaking, is the ENERGY it takes to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water 1 degree Celsius. In short, a Calorie is heat ENERGY that is responsible for fueling our bodies. However, as you know, consuming in excess does not necessarily equate to us bouncing off the walls like the energizer bunny; fortunately our bodies are built to deal with excess in other ways. But when is a “calorie just a calorie”... Read more >>