Ashera Powell

Before being Moduvated...let's just say, I was not. Now that I am, I can see a change not only in my body, but also in the way that I approach challenges in my life. I am more driven and determined to accomplish my goals. There's something about struggling to complete your last set of reps that translates into the strength that one can draw on daily. I was told that man is physical, mental and spiritual. But training with Modu has shown me how all of these aspects work together as one. Modu has the ability to inspire and challenge simultaneously. I have learned, through Modu, that true inspiration comes from true authenticity. Not only am I Moduvated for life, but I want to Moduvate those around me as well.

- Ashera Powell

Collin Cleary

My name is Collin Cleary. I just moved to Sherman Oaks, CA at the end of December. I signed up for a membership at the local 24 hour fitness and it came with 10 training sessions. I was extremely fortunate to be placed in the hands of Modou Seye. From the moment I met him, I could tell by his own physique that he was exactly the man I wanted training me. I wanted lean muscle and less body fat, and he obviously knew something I didn't about how to obtain it. When we started, I had about 14% body fat. After just one month and a half, I was down to 12%. Now, having only been in California for 3 months, I'm down to 9% body fat! Thanks to Modou's extensive knowledge and amazingly positive attitude, I have been achieving the goals that I set out to achieve, and I have also made a new friend in the process. Any person who has the chance should not pass up the opportunity to work with Modou because I can attest to it that he will work tirelessly to help you achieve your goal through his training and encouragement! My personal goal is to be at 6% body fat and at this rate, thanks to Modou, I'm not that far.

Sincerely, - Collin Cleary

James M. McNary

If you are looking to lose weight, build endurance, and reduce your metabolism naturally, Modu's total body work out is definitely for you. Modu has developed a Niche enabling people to gain and maintain their motivation and excitement while working through a total body fitness regiment. This regiment will help each trainee work toward a longterm fitness oriented lifestyle change. Although, in the begining, you will likely experience blood sugar fluctuations, work-out sicknesses during and after sessions, and total loss of breath/energy; the intensity of each workout will build core strength, improve balance, and strengthen the heart and circulatory system by way of a sustained increased heart rate, driven by high intensity low impact resistance training.

This was exactly what I needed for the first stage of my Health Improvement Initiative (HII). I wanted to reduce my total body-fat percentage and prepare for directed strength training and muscle building simultaneously. I knew that I would need reduced fat, improved cardio endurance, and a modified diet in order to take muscle development to the next level in phase two of my HII. After the first few sessions, it was clear that Modu would be the trainer to get me through the first phase. My gradual improvements gave me further confidences to continue to train and also helped me make several critical diet changes; such as reduced alcohol and carbs/caloric intake as suggested by Modou. After a few ModuVated bootcamps, I realized that he believes in what he preaches because he lives it himself at an entirely different level! Although he is way up there on the fitness charts, he strives to take the time to address and assimilate to the various fitness needs of clients at all levels.

Now that I have lost the desired weight and excess body fat targeted in my first phase initiative, I am ready to initiate the second phase of my HII and build core and muscle size, definition, and strength. This will require more days focused on muscle building and fewer doing total body endurance training; as suggested by Modou. He says that endurance training will always be a central part of my work-out regimen, but not primary, as I do not want to lose too much weight if I am to meet my next phase goals. In phase II, I anticipate new challenges and a different focus from Moduo as well. I think that he will transition smoothly from the total body training niche he's mastered so well, to helping me achieve my muscle definition, size, and strength; as it is clear that he has successfully accomplished this for himself. I like to challenge myself and my freinds and collegues and as such present him with my second phase (HII) challenge: 8 months of directed muscle building and strength training to get me noticeably and safely to my goals of developing clear muscle size, definition, and strength. I am motivated enough to commit more time to achieve this and I believe that Modou has the ModuVated advantage to help me realistically achieve my goals by supporting and guiding me through the proper hard work.

If you too want to achieve realistic and marked fitness improvements, go ahead, challenge yourself to get ModuVated today...your health will never be the same again!

Manager, Facilities Site Services, Genzyme Genetics,-James M. McNary

Michael Bogosian

We're all born human... Some with perks genetically but non the less, same tools. Modu took me on a journey that started with a smile. I would say the number one key to my success was being held accountable to reach manageable goals. He taught me the science of how calories work and I dare say I wasnt blown away at how simple loosing weight really is. Modu became my instructor in gym, constantly testing the my muscles in ways I never thoguht possible. Shortly thereafter outside on the track and the stadium stairs "ModuVated Boot Camp"! ModuVated represents the essence of my success. I received probably the best one on one service I've ever received from someone I made a commitment to working with. The motivation Modu brings the table is unmatched in its quality and value. Modu standing 6'4 makes an average man like myself standing 5'8 feel like a super hero who see's no obstical too great. Modu is the man!

Start: Weight: 188 Body Fat: 22%
8 Weeks Later: Weight: 167 Body Fat: 13%
Goal: Weight: 165 Body Fat: 8%
p.s. I'm on track to reach my goal just in time for the beach this summer!
Kind Regards, Michael Bogosian

Raquel Viksten

My name is Raquel Viksten and I am so very proud to be Modu’s first INTERNATIONAL client… and the most unexpected I’m sure! When I met Modu through a mutual friend he came down to Cabo for a visit and I was instantly a fan of his positive attitude and outlook on life but it wasn’t until I personally experienced what great changes he has the ability to inspire in a persons life that I truly appreciated his craft. One thing i must share is that prior to my new healthy lifestyle provoked by Modu – it had been three very long and fast food infested years since even the slightest attempt at workout.